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Incoherent Late Night Musings No. I

Ok, fine. I'll do it. I'll commit to blogging. (But I don't have to like it.)

It's nearly 11:00 PM and I'm finally beginning to realize the folly of purchasing, assembling, and installing a new bookcase after 5:00 PM. I knew (in fact, I intended) that this addition would result in a comprehensive reorganization of my space. However, in typical executive dysfunction fashion, I failed to count the cost and now I have a big pile of boxes, instruments, sound gear, and styrofoam (so...much....styrofoam) everywhere one doesn't want such things to be. This kind of occurrence is depressingly, though comically, typical.

Anyway, as I sit here typing, typing, typing, typing, typing, typ.......

Who said that?

Said what?

"Waffles and nuggz, all you can eat, all night long..."

That! Who said THAT??

Everything is still now, except the air vent, blowing its frigid, constant exhale against the waning heat of summer. That and the trees outside....

"Mmmmmm waffles and nuggz....."

The lights are flickering.....

Whoa did you see that???

See what???

Oh...that. The surface of the wall opposite me has begun to undulate like a high school pep rally. Now it's changing, yellow, red, pink, chartreuse, magenta, pea green, bacon fat off-white, orange, chestnut, purple, over-ripe banana brown.....

And all the time waving like caffeinated teenagers....

Now the theremin has started....that never bodes well....

Nope....things always go south when you start hearing theremin music...

Ok, seriously, who is that?!

Buddy, it'd take all night to explain, and you clearly need some sleep. If those theremins are still caterwauling come sunrise then maybe I'll favor you the knowledge of me, but for now.....

Not likely to be continued

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