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Many instrumentalists struggle to find compelling music to express feelings of devotion in a worship setting. Even when such music does exist, it is generally an arrangement of a known hymn, and therefore inextricable from the text. While we might agree with every text in our various hymnals, our individual experiences with the Divine are wide and varied and impossible to completely encapsulate in someone else’s words. Additionally, the musical styles frequently used in worship music aren’t always the most natural expressive language for every individual. The aim of this consortium is to produce music that is fundamentally worshipful, makes space for the individual nature of divine experiences, and provides instrumentalists with approachable yet artistically compelling literature that can fill the need for primarily instrumental worship music as well as be used in concert settings.


Project details:


For this project I will compose a set of 4-6 pieces of varying duration totaling approximately 20 minutes for one solo instrument and piano accompaniment. Multiple versions will exist to accommodate multiple instruments. Each piece will be inspired by a sacred theme from The Bible or other sacred writings, but will not be so didactic as to preclude concert performance (every piece in the set will be equally suitable for sacred worship or for concert performance). The music itself will draw from a variety of influences, including the Western Classical tradition and Jazz, and will include space for optional improvisation (ossia lines and optional pre-composed material will be provided). All pieces may be played together as a suite or separately in any combination or order.


Benefits (what you get):


Every member of this consortium will receive the complete set of 4-6 pieces. The music will be both approachable and artistically compelling to suit the needs of both amateur players and professionals alike. Instead of expressing faith and devotion through words, these pieces will be broadly inspired by textual themes but allow space for individual expression through one’s instrumental voice. You, the player, will have the opportunity to put yourself and your own experiences into the music by means of optional improvisations, ossia lines (alternate melody fragments), optional ornamentations, etc. It is my sincere hope that this music will provide an enjoyable, enriching, and edifying experience for anyone who plays or hears it!


All members of the consortium will be entitled to shared exclusive rights to performance up to six months after the premiere. Rights to premiere have been awarded to Dr. Benjamin Nichols at Brigham Young University, and the date for that premiere is to be determined. I will refrain from publishing the music until after the six month post-premiere period has passed. Tyler Belliston and Dr. Benjamin Nichols will receive credit as primary commissioners/consortium chairs.  


Payment on your part constitutes a commitment to perform the work at least in part within one year of completion. Reception of payment on my part constitutes a binding commitment to complete the piece by December 31, 2023.


Consortium fee: $65


Please fill out this form so so I can send you the right music when it's done :) Thanks!



Instrumental Sacred Music Consortium

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